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Raidho - Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Raidho is a rune I associate with the Norse gods Tyr and Thor. Etymologically it ties in with riding and raiding, as well as with the germanic word for law/justice. It's a rune of forward movement.

Raidho is associated with taking action and some would consider that a masculine quality, however, I also associate this rune with The Chariot (Cancer/Water) and Justice (Libra/Air) so I feel that while it is 'fiery'/masculine in some respects it is not a rune of pure Fire.

I also don't feel that Raidho is associated with a particular direction (though I would go with South if pushed) but rather with whichever direction you are facing for the trajectory you are on (or wish to be on). It describes forward-motion in any direction. If you are moving in the right direction, you have most likely made an informed decision to move in that direction with help from the previous rune, Ansuz.

Raidho Tarot Correspondences: The Chariot, The Wheel of Fortune, Knight of Wands, 2 of Wands, Justice

Raido Divinatory Meanings

General: taking action, right action, control, law and order, rituals, moving forward, travel (physical and shamanic). In a yes/no reading, it's a green light to go ahead – reversed: being unable to move forward, not acting on inner guidance, postponed journey, a break from the routine. In a yes/no reading about whether or not to go ahead with a plan, it's a strong 'No!' from the runes.

In love and relationships, Raidho can relate to tantra (ritualised love-making) as well as initating sex. With Gebo, it could mean the relationship is moving in the right direction - especially when followed by Sowilo or Wunjo. When there is a reversal, there is a lack of a joint vision for the couple or one party could have a goal that widely differs from that of their partner, making it impossible to move forward together.

In readings about health, Raidho indicates the need for more movement / exercise. Horseback riding is obviously associated with Raidho but it can be literally any form of exercise that is or should be taken on a regular basis. Reversed, it can speak of dis-ease that leads to immobility or immobility leading to dis-ease.

When Raidho shows up in a work-related reading, could be about working as a driver (taxi, deliver, truck etc). It could also signify a need to move forward with plans and/or acting on business proposals. Reversed, it indicates plans going wrong or being put on hold.

Raidho Magick

Raidho adds speed and focus to any rune stave, so if you are using for instance Thurisaz to stave off the enemy, Raidho will activate the protection more quickly on the physical plane. It's also a good rune to use if you are fighting a legal battle where you know that a win objectively equals justice.

Raido is a great rune to use together with Fehu for moving a head with business plans and with Othala for moving house.

Check out the Raidho rune Tarot spread!

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