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The Sentinel - A Shamanic View of Autism

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When you sign up to be a sentinel for your people, you sign up for a nervous system that is not wired for normal functioning. You are in overdrive in some ways and yet completely unable to focus on many of the things that are considered civilized or important to society at large.

When you sign up to be a sentinel for your people, you often sign up for being on the autism spectrum. Being on the spectrum helps you detect patterns and variations in those patterns, so that you can warn your people and keep them safe. Your anxiety and being easily triggered are acutally gifts that go along with your pattern detection ability, even if they may feel more like a burden.

Many sentinels make excellent oracles for all of the reasons mentioned above. Pattern detection to the umpteenth degree is what takes Tarot and rune readings to the next level, for instance.

There are pitfalls too, of course. Too much anxiety is not a good thing and can interfere with the ability to read the world around us or the oracle before us.

Much of the anxiety experienced people on the autism spectrum can be ameloriated by acceptance. If you are able to accept and embrace your gifts and being different because of them, much of the anxiety goes away. This includes accepting the past - especially if you grew up without a diagnosis and relevant support.

There are famous sentinels and there are even famous sentinels whom we know are on the specrum - Greta Thunberg will no doubt spring to mind for many of you. Many of my shamanic ancestors will no doubt have been on the spectrum too.

It has taken me 50 years to come to terms with the fact that I'm an Aspie but I'm experiencing huge relief now that it has finally clicked into place.

Part of the reason I didn't want to own it for myself is because my absuive father labelled himself an Aspie (self-diagnosed). Of course I didn't want to be like him. But the truth of the matter is that in spite of his poor impulse control and anger management issues, he was not only an extremely talented mathematician, he was also often ahead of his times thanks to his pattern detecting ability.

I have also come to realise that the reason my father was abusive wasn't because he was on the autism spectrum; It was because of comorbidities and a lack of support/treatment. Early detection is super important and my father is the perfect example of someone who had to struggle along on his own.

Not all psychics are Aspies and not all Aspies are psychic. However, where the two gifts are combined in one person, you invariably have a Shaman. Shamans have always been sentinels for their people. There are records of Shamans having prophetic dreams which allowed them to save their people from drowning in tsunamis, for instance.

Shamans can do their jobs because they are able to focus on the types of things that normies tend to filter out and because they filter out what is considered important by most normies.

ASD is on the rise for a reason. As an Aspie and someone who is able to read patterns, I know this is happening because the world needs more shamans and sentinels. We need people on the spectrum because we are living in cataclysmic times.

ASD being on the rise is progress and part of human evolution.

So if you are on the spectrum, stand tall and be counted. You have much to offer! HERE is a free test online if you are not sure but suspect you may be on the spectrum.

Blessed be!


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