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March 2020 Forecasts Pick-a-Pile Rune & Tarot Readings

Happy Odin's day, my friends. I thought I'd get the March pick-a-pile rune and Tarot readings out to you a couple of days early this time.For this month's readings we are working with Legend - The Arthurian Tarot (affiliate link) and the set of runes I made a couple of weeks ago.

Mercury is still retrograde at the start of the month. For guidance on the current retrograde and a bespoke Tarot spread, chek out this post. Mercury stations direct on the 4th of March.

Mars is a big player this month, conjuncting the current stellium of planets in Capricorn and re-energising issues we dealt with back in January, some of which we will be forced to revisit - hopefully with a better outcome this time!

The March Super Full Moon in Virgo happens on 9 March at 17:37 GMT. If you feel you need more info on this lunation, I recommend this video by Pam Gregory.

The spring/autumn equinox falls on Thursday, March 19.

The New Moon in Aries happens on Tuesday, 24 March,at 09:28.

Taka minute to …

Do White People Have a Right to Reclaim their Ancestral and Tribal Roots?

Today, I'm blogging a response to an article on Medium because I stumbled on this article right after my daily Oracle post (which was very much about reclaiming ancestral roots), and felt deeply moved to rebutt the notion that white people have no right to reclaim their ancestry or tribal roots.

The author of the original article makes a lot of very strong statements, lumping all 'white people' together:

"White people already have a bunch of ancestry. We’ve recorded it for centuries. Other peoples are not so fortunate because white supremacists ensured that they would not have family history through slavery or genocide.
So all that you’re doing by 'reclaiming ancestry' is defining something that can be used to discriminate against others, NOT of your ancestry, and put us all into categories.
I say, drop the idea RIGHT NOW, that anyone is 'reclaiming' anything. You are already white."
The article is quite obviously written by an American becaus…

Rosary Prayers to Freyja

Around the time of yesterday's New Moon in Pisces (half 3-ish in the afternoon), I did a self-initation ritual to Freyja, Norse Goddess of Love. The ritual was improvised - It was me, a large candle, some crystals, my Völva's staff and my drum. There was music and dancing in honour of Freyja and the love flowed.

In the evening, I was guided to dig out the rosary that I had 'desecrated' (lol!) by replacing the crucifix with a goddess pendant and to allow my already inspired state formulate prayers to Freyja that I could use with my rosary.

I'm sharing this incase any of you wish to use this litany to Freyja with your own goddess rosary.

Rosary to Freyja At the goddess pendant/symbol: Hail Freyja, Goddess of Love! Vanadis, Awakener, Queen of Witches, to thee I pledge my troth.

Bead: Bringer of Joy, may I walk in beauty.

Next three beads: Fehu, fehu, fehu

Bead: All abundance flows from you - Bringer of Joy, may your love-light ever guide me!

Connector plate: Hail, Mistre…

The Calling of a Seer

When I received my calling to become a Seer, I was on the Other side of the 3D veil - In other words, I was born this way. From as soon as I was able to speak (which I started doing at 6 months), I uttered prophecies and words of wisdom, channelled from Spirit. I had out-of-body experiences and saw spirits.

From as soon as I was able to read (I taught myself before I started school), I was drawn to literature about divination or anything mystical and I was especially fascinated by Numerology and Astrology from a very early age. Divination with cards came later, one summer's day when I was 15 years old.

I was in our Stockholm flat and had just finished cutting out a cardboard copy of the 22 Tarot Majors that came with a magazine my dad must have bought when my friend phoned and asked if I wanted to meet up with her.

I invited her around, eager to have someone to practice with even though I knew nothing about traditional card meanings or even how to do a layout with the cards. In m…

Christian Rune Stones

A fascinating little research paper, titled 'A Runic Prayer' by Dominika Skrzypek, into the usage of the runes in early Christianised Scandinavia can be found HERE.

I spent many of my childhood years in Täby, Uppland (Swedish region mentioned in the paper), the municipality known for having the most of these Christian rune stones, so reading this makes for time travel in more than one way!

There are a couple of things that I don't agree with in this research. Firstly, I don't believe the runes were 'inspired' by the Greek and/or Etruscan alphabets - I believe their origins predate both of those though I'm aware this is hard to prove.

Secondly, the word and/ond/od/at (spirit) was most definitely not introduced to fit with Christian theology - It existed as a concept long before the first Christian missionaries came to Scandinavia.

If anything the pre-Christian Heathen view of the parts that make up a human was more complex than the Christian view. This is n…

The Sentinel - A Shamanic View of Autism

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When you sign up to be a sentinel for your people, you sign up for a nervous system that is not wired for normal functioning. You are in overdrive in some ways and yet completely unable to focus on many of the things that are considered civilized or important to society at large.

When you sign up to be a sentinel for your people, you often sign up for being on the autism spectrum. Being on the spectrum helps you detect patterns and variations in those patterns, so that you can warn your people and keep them safe. Your anxiety and being easily triggered are acutally gifts that go along with your pattern detection ability, even if they may feel more like a burden.

Many sentinels make excellent oracles for all of the reasons mentioned above. Pattern detection to the umpteenth degree is what takes Tarot and rune readings to the next level, for instance.

There are pitfalls too, of course. Too much anxiety is not a good thing and can interfere with the ability …

A Shamanic View of Celebrity Suicides

Listening to Laura Whitmore's tribute to Caroline Flack (R.I.P) on the BBC morning news, I heard Laura say, 'Like so many entertainers, Caroline had her demons.' This really helped something click deep within me.

As a public person and Tarot reader, I'm also an 'entertainer' - I'm not a celebrity, of course, but I'm 'Tarot Famous' in certain circles by virtue of having run a couple of the most successful Tarot blogs online. I also know what it is like to be dependent on and slightly addicted to people's approval of my work. (Something I determined to move away from when I started this blog!)

Why do so many famous people - people who seem to have it all - take their own lives? The invisible reality under the surface is messy... and I'm not mainly talking about the psychological make-up of the individual here. I'm referring to the energy exchange between the entertainer and their audience.

It is in this energy exchange that we can spe…

FREE PDF Download - Sámi Shamanism, Cosmology and Art as Systems of Embedded Knowledge

I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's Day present - A massive 'Thank you!' to Francis Joy for making his book available for free download as a PDF! I've just finished reading the introduction and it is clear by the amount of synchronicity involved that his steps were guided from Saivo.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

Blessed be!


Image by franklin bu from Pixabay

Spirit Dancing

Have you ever wondered what your soul looks like... or rather what its energetic imprint is like? Some souls have more of a sound to them, while others are full of movement or colour. Of course, none of the ways we experience sound, movement or colour with our ordinary senses apply here.

I can't stop thinking about this dying man who saw my soul a couple of weeks ago... I knew it was my soul he saw because all he said to me was 'It's as if you're dancing' - Very similar to the words my mother used about my incoming soul when she was expecting me. She said, 'I could see you dancing your way into my soul.'
I hope the old man is at peace and enjoying his reunion with the ancestors now.  I love being with people who are in the borderlands between life and death. It's so far away from this illusion we call reality. It's always peaceful there and the sense of homecoming is so very heartwarming. Though I cannot see or perceive my own soul, the words of these…

Ritual for Personal Power and a Message from the Universe

It's possible to wake up one morning and be tired of all the usual old excuses for putting what we are passionate about on hold. I know because that is exactly what happened to me this morning. As I lay in bed, I could hear my monkey mind start the same old monologue in my head. From somewhere else, somewhere deep within me, another voice told the monkey mind to shut the fuck up and then that same voice said three times: 'I rise up in my power.'

It felt good saying it three times but I don't think that's necessary. My soul must have just really relished the opportunity of finally being heard. I swung my legs over the edge of my bed and as soon as my feet hit the floor, I knew I had to go downstairs for a ritual.

The inspiration flowed for the following ritual (feel free to borrow/copy/adapt):
Light a candle. Centre your energy and focus.Call back your power from all directions in time and space. (I raised my arms up to form the shape of Algiz as I did this.)Pull a …

Regaining Trust in Ourselves - Spirit Hacking

I'm currently halfway through a book that is helping me raise my vibration. This book is Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek. Yes, I'm aware that 'raising my vibration' is a New Age expression and that it is often used by some as an expression of spiritual elitism... but believe me, I have been so low recently that anything that lifts my mood and thoughts (especially my thoughts about myself) is raising my vibration in very tangible and undeniable ways. 

Shaman Durek and I have some uncanny similarities, not only in that we both come from diverse shamanic lineages, my two main ones being Norse and Saami, and one of his being Norse, but also being born of mothers who left us with abusive and repressed fathers at the tender age of three. It was this revelation at the start of Spirit Hacking that made me sit up and really pay attention to the rest of the book.

Here was someone who had to endure a similar childhood scenario to mine and who had overcome it in the most triumpan…

Feast of Sunna-Beaivi 1-2 February (Imbolc)

Candlemas and Imbolc are no longer options for me to celebrate since I started on this path of combining the wisdom of my Saami and Norse ancestors. I have to find alternatives that honour both lineages while staying true to myself. 

What we are actually celebrating during Imbolc, which some celebrate on the 1st and some on the 2nd of February (and some on both days!), is the return of the light of the sun. I think that is something we can all agree on and you don't have to be religious to have a day of feasting in honour of the return of the sun's warming light.

The tradition of lighting candles and decorating my home with flowers in all the colours of fire/the sun (red, orange, yellow) is something I still feel is appropriate but my altar will be to Sunna-Beaivi rather than St Brigid this year. Sunna is the Old Norse for the sun and Beaivi is Saami for the same. In both traditions, the solar deity is female.

On my altar there will also be items dedicated/offered to the Nor…