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The Upcoming Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

So much has happened in the maddening crescendo leading up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the 12th of January, 2020. I could talk about everything that has happened in the past year and how much my life has changed since I started reconnecting with the shamanic path of my ancestors. Words would fail.

Suffice it to say, roots are going down deep into the black and fertile soil. The whispers and drumbeats from Saivo nourish my soul daily.

I could talk about the increasing pressure of the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction and what tremblings are going through my nervous system as this conjunction will be exact on my 50th solar return and conjunct not just my natal Sun but also my natal Venus and Mercury.

But I'm not going to prattle on about that. I'm going to let the awesome song by Seidrblot below sum it up instead...

Everything about this music video is giving me all the feels right now.

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Reading with the Yggrasil Oracle

As for the actual impact of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in my life, I will allow the Yggdrasil Oracle (affiliate link) to speak for me...

1. ÁSGARĐUR - The seeker's main aspiration; the question for the cards; the seeker's aspiration


Ymir - Creativity. Innovation. The creative process and all the labour pains that come with it. Reinventing myself. Accepting chaos and destruction as part of the process. Hello, Saturn-Pluto natal Sun crushers!

2. HEL - Deep obstacles; dark side; what blocks or holds the seeker back from achieving their goal

Eir - Healing & medicine. I'm not consciously blocking myself but there may be something unhealed within that I have yet to uncover... Some old wound that makes me shrink myself to accomodate others, perhaps. It could even refer to the gift of healing itself and how I need to start using it more.

3. ÁLFHEIMUR - Influence of the future and the conscious mind; works with the seeker, their dreams and/or what lies ahead

Darröđ - Lack of conscious awareness of how past conflicts are affecting the present. Possibly a need for protection in face of ongoing conflict.

4. SVARTÁLFHEIMUR - The seeker's past influence; the subconscious

Vali - Innocence and reconciliation. Letting go of blame and starting afresh. The path lies open.

5. MIĐGARĐUR - The seeker's ego; the current position

Gersemi & Hnoss - This card reflects the intention I set for the year ahead, to walk in beauty each day, with dignity and purpose. Gersemi and Hnoss are the daughters of Freya and Odin and their names mean 'treasure' and 'price' respectively. It's funny that they show up in the position of the ego because I have been thinking about them quite a lot lately!

6. NIFLHEIMUR - The seeker's instinctive thinking; the subconscious

Verdandi - Becoming deeply aware that I'm co-creating the portion of the web of wyrd that is my destiny.

7. JÖTUNHEIMUR - The position of the seeker's challenges regarding his aspirations; the adventure; the journey towards the goal; the enactment; that which confuses

Mani - Unresolved and confusing emotions. Yearning. Ultimately, accepting that the heart wants what the heart wants.

8. DVERGHEIMUR - Industriousness and craftsmanship; ambition for material wealth; the seeker's financial and career status

Ull - Ambition is likely to increase. I won't settle for second best or doing less than I am capable of. This conjunction with my native Sun is demanding every last drop of  my blood, sweat and tears (yes, I was thinking about Fame).

9. MUSPELLSHEIMUR - The origin of catastrophe; strength; wrath and warning

Dag - I will take that as a sign of strength and that strength will be present all day long. I will need it. I will need the mental clarity granted by Dag as well. If this card is a warning, I suppose it could mean 'Any day now' - I'll just have to wait and see!

I did this reading with the Yggdrasil Oracle and the spread is the one found in the companion book. You can probably use this spread with other decks too. Do let me know how you go if you try it with a Tarot deck or another oracle!

Buy me a birthday Ko-fi to help me survive the Saturn-Pluto conjunction or get yourself a reading


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