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Saivo, Gods and Idols


Do you remember when you were little and the world around you seemed to be full of life and magic? The forest wasn't just a bunch of trees; it was a place of magic and mystery. The ocean contained sensory experiences that ignited your imagination. The rainbow after the rain storm made your heart soar. The thunder evoked feelings of power or dread... or both, all rolled into one. 

Do you remember how well you could relate to the magic of myths and fairy tales because of it? Those fairy tales nourished your growing soul with an understanding of its very own language, the language of symbols.  That was back in the day when you could pick up a stick or a stone and have a conversation with them because you knew that there was life in them...

But soon, probably when you were so young that you can't remember exactly when it happened, the programming started. You were told that fairy tales were just silly stories that have nothing to do with reality and the truth of existence. Your sense of power was stolen from you and shaped by commercial forces telling you what to buy to gain approval - that fake form of power that actually is its opposite.


Somewhere along the line, you stopped seeing magic and wonder everywhere. You were taught - perhaps wordlessly - that the natural world around you was something from which we human extract resources and that those most proficient at extracting resources made the most money. By now, you had learned that more money meant more approval and higher status among your peers. By now, perhaps, you stopped caring that the direct line to the living world around you was broken - It's just how things are. You're nobody special, so why would it be different for you?

Perhaps you realised that you were dead inside, so you started a search for more meaning thinking that maybe there was something to all that spiritual malarkey after all. But you didn't know where to search for truth. You went online and found an Instagram account a friend had recommended. They used words  like 'spirituality' and 'high vibe' a lot, so that must be it, right?

So you tried to be more like them and bought some (non-ethically mined) crystals... but you still felt dead inside. 

And by now you realise that the world around you is dying and that you can't even feel the pain of that loss properly because you are so emotionally dead inside.

Every single day, you are being lied to. Every single day, those with power are trying to get you to keep consuming and if they can't do that, they distract you so that you will begin hating your neighbour of a different race, colour or faith. Divide and conquer has always worked and it works still. We fail to recognise that at the top, you have billionaires of every nationality, colour and creed. 

Who is the enemy? It is people who use our Mother; it is people who continue to rape and plunder. It is those same people who deny us magick and the connection with our ancestors as well as Nature. It is those same people who persecuted the witches so that the church could hold onto power and do the dirty work of scaring the people into subjugation. 


There is a spiritual solution and I think Arith Härger comes very close to giving it to us in the video below.

The solution is simple: We return to the ways of our ancestors before the indigenous peoples of Europe were conqured by the people who worshipped the Sky Father to the detriment of the natural world.

I'm not asking you to abandon your god(s) - I'm asking you to open your eyes to Mother and the life that she has breathed into everything around you. If all you see in the natural world with your eyes is dead, you will become just as dead inside. Re-awaken to the magic of the world being a place of magic and wonder.


Our ancestors are trying to make contact. Of course, they never stopped but there is a sense of urgency now that we are about to make ourselves extinct and prevent our ancestors from reincarnating here on Earth. They are pleading with us to regain our sanity and to admit that we took a wrong turn when we stopped honouring Mother Earth and all her children, whether filled with breath or not.

To some of us, the voices of the ancestors are deafening and the messages they send through come in a light that is so blinding so that we can't miss it. That is what happened to me a few weeks ago...

I had attended a spiritualist development class where we did an opening meditation to the sound of drumming. The drum beat brought me face to face with a noaidi whom I had met briefly before. Behind him, I sensed the presence of many of my other Sámi ancestors.

I asked him for his name and I heard what sounded like 'Saivo.'

The next morning, I woke up with the word 'saivo' on repeat in my mind as I was laying in bed with my eyes still closed. All of a sudden, a bright light formed inside my mind and from the pin prick of light grew a brightly glowing eye, shining at me from the darkness. From this one eye, other eyes started spiralling out. The voice of my noaidi ancestral guide spoke from the void and said:

'We are with you and we are watching over you. We will always be with you.'

I googled 'Saivo' and found out that it is the place inside the sacred mountains where the dead go. It's the place my grandmother showed me three years after her passing and it is the most beautiful place you could ever imagine - Just as beautiful as Earth herself when we tend to Her with the respect, love and dignity she deserves.


In the linked video above, Arith Härger speaks of how humans always have been so quick to make idols for themselves. It's not difficult to understand this tendency from a psychological point of view. It's about relinquishing responsibility - So what if we have to pay with our personal power?

I have been there. I know what it's like to feel like you want to crawl up on the lap of a 'deity' and not have to think for yourself. It's so comforting to be told what to do and to have the reassurance that the 'god' will fix any and all fuck-ups as long as you take part in the collective drama instituted to placate the image-made-god - especially a god who is as 'just' as he is loving; just enough to send those who don't do as he says into the eternal torment of hell-fire. Better be good!

When I talk about my ancestors watching over me, I know that they don't mean in the sense that they will fix my fuck-ups or keep me safe even when I behave irresponsibly. They mean that they have my back, the way I would have the back of any close friend or family member. We don't disempower our friends and loved ones by fixing their problems. We want them to assume responsibility so that they can keep growing.

I want my ancestors to be proud of me...


Everything I said above about how I relate to my ancestors and what it means to me to have them watching over me also applies to those spirits that I acknowledge as gods these days. I don't want to assume I know them based on what I have read online or in books written by people whose minds are shaped by Sky Father-worship - I want to truly get to know them by spending time with them.

Some of the gods made contact with me (see, they are real beings!) when my mind was still too fucked up to grasp such simple concepts. The commercialised ego thinks that such things must be incredibly complex, cost a lot of money and preferably involve some kind of certification... but I have heard the laughter of Nephthys. I have felt the loving care of Hel. I have received signs from Hekate. I have seen and felt the piercing gaze of Odin.

I have been given gifts by Frey and Ymir in response to gifts given to them. In the case of the latter, I had begun grasping that these are real beings that you can have real relationships with. Gifts are given as if to friends and, if they are gratefully accepted, you usually get a gift back. This is not about sacrificing to placate - It's about strengthening bonds. I don't claim to be equal to the gods in any way but I know they don't want me to bow and scrape either. They want me to show them what I'm made of.

These spirits are real and if we are willing to treat them with respect they can guide us back to a healthy relationship with the world around us, as well as with our own inner landscape. They are vast beings that help us realise the vastness of our own souls.

I feel truly blessed to have reconnected to my Sámi ancestors via a direct link to Saivo because I have no access to their wisdom in any other way. It truly is their wisdom that has helped me see the world through different eyes, the eyes of souls who inhabited a world where everything is alive.

If I can see and change, that gives me hope that it's not too late for others to have similar experiences. I realise that for many of the species we have already made extinct, it is too late, but I know that the younger generation is switched on and I know that the regenerative powers of our Mother are phenomenal. Life will go on, with or without us.

Whether we live or die, our gods go with us.




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