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Hope in Troubled Times

Since I started meditating daily with the Elder Futhark runes, they have started whispering to me and now Mother Earth herself is communicating with me via the runes. She is sending an SOS. Yesterday, I found a four foot Hagalaz rune when walking the dogs.

Today, I first came across a six-foot reversed Algiz rune (uh oh!) but less than half a mile further down the road, I stumbled across the (much smaller) upright Algiz rune you see me holding in the picture at the top of the post.

So what does this mean? Hagalaz is a rune of destruction and the reversed Algiz rune is often associated with death. We are killing our planet and each other. The message is clear and I don't feel I need to elaborate.

I am aware that a lot of people who are reading this have lost hope or are in the process of losing what scant hope they had of humanity turning the state of affairs around. 

So what should we do? Is it business as usual, as media would have us believe? I shared my thoughts on this in today's oracle on Instagram:

Now is NOT the time to give up - Now is the time to declare war on those who seek to destroy us. I don't mean the kind of war that adds to the hatred and destruction but the kind of war that freed slaves and gave women the right to vote. Peaceful protests is the way forward. Either way, sacrifices have to be made. In the words of fellow Swede Greta Thunberg, 'We have to step outside our comfort zone' in light of what we are actually up against.

I signed up to join Extinction Rebellion today. I won't lose hope, not now. When we lose all hope we become paralysed. Move and allow yourself to be moved. Act. This year is the final year when we get a chance to turn things around. I'm aware that some say it is already too late... and yes, it is for all the species that have been made extinct because of human idiocy and greed. But it is not too late for me to fight for my unborn grandchildren, so I will.



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