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February Forecasts Pick-a-Pile Rune, Tarot and Oracle Readings

Hello my friends, I hope you are well and looking forward to all that February will bring. I think we can all safely say that we are glad to see the back of January that lasted forever and seemed to bring very little but bad news and ends with the UK divorcing the EU + concomitant threats of continued austerity. This morning I came across a relatable tweet where someone said:

"I have come to the end of my free one month subscription for 2020 and would like to cancel the subscription."

Okay, so January was tough for many of us both individually and on a global level but quitting is not an option.

Resisting the bad just makes it last longer, both in the subjective (time is relative) and the objective sense. Time to shift gears and begin to look forward to spring and what we can actually DO to make this world a bit better...

The February Full Moon in Leo happens on 9 Feb at 07:33 GMT. For astrological forecasts for your respective Sun and Rising signs, I recommend Nightlight As…

New Moon in Aquarius Pick-a-Pile Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Happy Thursday, my friends! We have a New Moon in Aquarius tomorrow, Friday, at 11.30 PM. While this is the exact time for the New Moon according to astronomy and astrology, you will not be able to see the first sliver of Luna until a couple of days later. For magickal purposes, tomorrow's New Moon is actually a Dark Moon - The Moon isn't 'New' again until you see her.
So how do you harness the power of the New/Dark Moon. It's a time for looking within at how your desires line up with the Zodiac sign the Moon is in for this particular lunation. If they do line up, you set your intent and/or cast your spells accordingly. The benefit is, of course, that you get extra manifestation momentum if you work with the celestial forces.
'First Harvest' for the intent/goal you set at the New Moon can be expected around the time of the next Full Moon, provided all the stars line up and you do your bit. The gods help those who help themselves!
An Aquarius New Moon is g…

Saivo, Gods and Idols

Magic  Do you remember when you were little and the world around you seemed to be full of life and magic? The forest wasn't just a bunch of trees; it was a place of magic and mystery. The ocean contained sensory experiences that ignited your imagination. The rainbow after the rain storm made your heart soar. The thunder evoked feelings of power or dread... or both, all rolled into one. 
Do you remember how well you could relate to the magic of myths and fairy tales because of it? Those fairy tales nourished your growing soul with an understanding of its very own language, the language of symbols.  That was back in the day when you could pick up a stick or a stone and have a conversation with them because you knew that there was life in them...
But soon, probably when you were so young that you can't remember exactly when it happened, the programming started. You were told that fairy tales were just silly stories that have nothing to do with reality and the truth of existence…

Self-professed Cynic Tries Witchcraft for a Week

This morning I came across a post on Patheos Pagan that was written in response to an article published in the Independent. The pagan author was justifiably upset about how witchcraft was being portrayed in the news. The aim of the article in the Independent is clearly to mock people with an irrational belief in magick that goes against science, lumping witches together with climate change deniers and anti-vaxxers.

Welcome to the new-old version of the witch burning times, my friends.

The original article from 12 January 2020 is nothing short of laughable because the author, Ceri Radford, mentions confirmation bias in the idiotic paragraph where she 'explains' divination to us while being in blatant denial about how her own confirmation bias shaped her experiment of 'becoming a witch in one week.'

It's a bit like someone trying to become an astrophysicist in a week and ending up debunking astrophysics because they can't explain it. Silly girl.

It would be bett…

Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer January 2020 Pick-a-Pile Readings

The Full Moon is a time of potent magick and illumination of things that have been hidden. It is also a time of culmination for whatever was begun during the New Moon. However, the effects of eclipses are said to culminate more slowly and our most recent New Moon solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th is something we will only see the full effect of in the summer of 2020.

We are coming up to a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Cancer on 10 January (7:21 PM UK time). I'm not going to go into various Pagans names for this lunation. It's labeled a 'Wolf Moon' in New Age pop spirituality, as if all indigenous peoples used the same Moon names or as if only one tribe counts. 'Wolf Moon' sounds cool though... I guess that's why it's made its way out in the world via social media.

The truth of the matter is that many of the Moon names used by our Pagan ancestors have been lost. They were, for the main part, an oral tradition and when the solar xtian calendar was intr…

A Homecoming of Sorts...

Last night, before going to bed, I pulled a rune for invoking dreams from the gods about the year ahead. The rune I pulled was Jera, the same rune I had pulled in the morning as my rune of the day. I took this as a good omen that I would indeed receive messages about how to make the most of 2020.
I had an intense night of dreaming about the runes and a feeling of meeting up with Freya Aswynn on the astral plane to learn from her. The Laguz rune was particularly prominent in the dream and I woke up remembering seeing it hovering in the air before me, entirely made of water.
One of the main things on my mind that I felt I needed confirmation about is who my inner plane guides are on this journey of truly mastering the runes and honouring the ancestors as well as the gods with my rune work. The two gods I feel a magnetic pull toward is Odin and Hel. I love Freya unconditionally but I don't have the same strong magnetic pull with her. That said, she has appeared before my inner visio…

I Sacrificed Myself to Myself

I woke up this morning, contemplating Odin's sacrifice of himself unto himself in order to gain knowledge of the runes. Before going to bed, I had been reading Freya Aswynn's wonderful Northern Mysteries & Magick (affiliate link) so this may explain why I woke up with these thoughts.

As Jackson Crawford states in the video below, the passage in the Havamal about Odin sacrificing himself to himself is the greatest mystery in the Northern Tradition.

To understand this mystery, an equal sacrifice is needed - at least in the symbolic sense. It will involve suffering and it will involve a period of gestation. The period of gestation relates to the number 9, corresponding with the 9 days and nights during which Odin hung from the tree (as well as the Nine Worlds) - a tree which may or may not have been Yggdrasil (do watch the video to find out more!).

My first deep encounter with the runes and Odin himself was more than ten years ago. I had started a correspondence course with …

The Upcoming Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

So much has happened in the maddening crescendo leading up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the 12th of January, 2020. I could talk about everything that has happened in the past year and how much my life has changed since I started reconnecting with the shamanic path of my ancestors. Words would fail.

Suffice it to say, roots are going down deep into the black and fertile soil. The whispers and drumbeats from Saivo nourish my soul daily.

I could talk about the increasing pressure of the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction and what tremblings are going through my nervous system as this conjunction will be exact on my 50th solar return and conjunct not just my natal Sun but also my natal Venus and Mercury.

But I'm not going to prattle on about that. I'm going to let the awesome song by Seidrblot below sum it up instead...

Everything about this music video is giving me all the feels right now.

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Reading with the Yggrasil Oracle As for the actual impac…