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Connecting with the Vanir

Laguz Galdr

Deep is calling unto deep
My blood is received by the river
A spirit sacrifice
Blossoming from 'vantro' into true Vanatru
From weakness to pulsating power
A Witch's will

***vantro = disbelief or heresy in Swedish

The galdr above came to me when I was out walking the dogs after watching this video by Freyia Norling. I had pulled the Ing rune in response to if the Vanir would accept an offering from me at this point in time and I took that as a 'yes' since Ing is the rune of Fröj (Freyr), Lord of the Vanir.

I was still prepared to not go ahead with the offering if I wouldn't be able to find an appropriate fallen branch in the shape of Laguz.

Freyia's ritual really spoke to me. It made me long to connect with the Vanir myself, in preparation for a self-dedication that I will perform on my 50th birthday early next year.

However, I tend to adapt rituals and make them my own. I didn't have any honey and didn't feel it was needed. I brought the finger pricker I use to test my ketones to extract some blood for the Laguz rune.

As if by a miracle, my dog, Nimmy - who always swims after anything anybody throws into the river - got distracted and 

When I had completed the ritual, I was made aware (inner knowing) that I would receive a gift from spirit if my offering was accepted by the vanir.

On the way back, I collected some rubbish and put it in a bin, not far from the river. Close to the bin, I found the skull you see below - the perfect gift for 2020, Year of the Rat.

ETA 15/12/19: My daughter just helped me ID the skull. Turns out it's a wee rabbit. Perfect fit for the Vanir since rabbits are associated with fertility and prosperity :)


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