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My 2020 Rune Tarot Deck

Only three more days until the New Year! 2020 is going to be a depth year for me. Numerologically, I'm in an 8/Strengthpersonal year and the corresponding rune is Wunjo. What better year to go deeper?

The year rune I pulled for 2020 is Kenaz, a rune of wisdom, inspiration, creativity and illumination. Kenaz is a good fit with The Hierophant, one of my stalker cards in 2019. I kind of have a hunch that I was being stalked by this card precisely so that my ancestors could finally get my full attention.

A depth year is about getting focused, decluttering and getting rid of distractions. It's about paring things down to only what is truly useful and necessary. It's about frugality, recycling and upcycling. It's about diving deeper into wisdom teachings as well as connecting more deeply with Spirit on a soul level.

Over the past few days I have been contemplating using just one Tarot deck for my personal readings in 2020. In the end I decided to go with my beloved Grimaud …

Thurisaz Bane of Obstacles Tarot Spread

Apropos yesterday's solar eclipse ritual which involved the rune Thurisaz, I was reminded that I created some rune Tarot spreads on my old blog a while back, including one for Thurisaz to help  smash through any obstacles.
 Thurisaz Bane of Obstacles Rune Tarot Spread 1. What obstacle/difficulty I am called to overcome now for the Highest Good
2. Resistance within myself to overcoming this obstacle
3. Opposing forces in the world around me
4. How to focus my energy in order to be victorious
5. What temptation to avoid as I strike full force

This rune tarot spread was originally published on where you can also find an article about the Thurisaz rune.

Sample Reading with the Modern Witch Tarot  1. What obstacle/difficulty I am called to overcome now - Justice: Social conditioning, law & order. Fear of breaking the rules. Thinking that the 'highest good' equals being another brick in the wall.
2. Resistance within myself to overcoming this obstacle - T…

Connecting with Ymir and the Jotunar

New Moon solar eclipse in Capricorn blessings, my friends! I have been Norse mythology bingeing both with videos and books over the holidays. Yesterday, I finished watching an excellent video about Ymir by Arith Härger and that is probably by this video about the Jotun and Ymir by Freyia Norling showed up in my feed not long after. I highly recommend watching both! It was the latter that inspired me to take action and to perform a ritual to Ymir today but having the theoretical underpinning felt important, so I'm grateful to both teachers on this path.

I have personally always felt drawn to the Jotuns and the elemental forces of creation. The first Norse goddess I felt a really strong pull toward was Hel, the Goddess of the Underworld. Some personal stuff happened that was very much related to her realm and I think it frightened me at the time. Now, 9 years later, I'm circling back and feel ready to level up and away from any previous fear and doubt. What I do still have is r…

Blink - A Winter Solstice Reflection on Female Power

The Suppression of the Witch Rome has always burned Wise Women who practised the Craft. This begun long before the Church's witch burning era. This video by Arith Härger shows how European cultures were forced to move away from matriarchal traditions where magic was a natural part of religion, due to the invasion of the Indo-Europans who worshipped male sky gods. It also gives a good and thorough explanation of how the Pagan sky god-paradigm bled into and blended with Judeo-Christian beliefs, and how these two influences worked together to eradicate the power of women, witches and shamans everywhere.

The only remaining indiginous tribe in Northern Europe, the Sámi, has vestiges of Goddess lore handed down, though many (if not most) of the myths and traditions have been destroyed or eradicated by the Swedish church and state who worked together to 'convert' the Sámi. They especially went after the main tool of the Noaidi (Sámi shaman), the drum. The drums were gathered in …

Retrocausality and the Well of Urd

Perhaps you are aware that some quantum physicists are theorizing around the possibility of choices made in the present having an effect on the past. The theory is known as retrocausality. Do click on the link if you want to learn more. It's written in plain English by someone who really knows their stuff.

I'm not going to try to explain what is in the article but I want to highlight that they talk about signalling into the past being forbidden and how this is different to making decisions that affect the past.

What fascinates me about retrocausality is that our ancient ancestors seem to have already known about this. Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life which represents all of existence, sits on top of the Well of Wyrd (also known as the Well of Urd / the past).

Sitting by the Well are the three Norns Urdr (past), Verdandi (present) and Skuld (future) signifying that at the deepest level of existence, you find yourself outside the time-space continuum where linear time does not exist…

Hail Freja and Fröj!

Who are the Solar Twins in the Thoth Tarot? Could it be that they are Frey (Fröj) and Freya (Freja), the Divine Twins and leaders of the Vanir...?

THIS ESSAY makes a good argument for Frey and Freiya being solar deities. It's a long essay (50 pages) but well worth a read. Let me know your thoughts in the comments if you do have time to read it!

It feels right to celebrate this pair on Yule rather than celebrating the cult of a singular male deity, whether that be Christ or Mithras.

Hail Freja! Hail Fröj!

You bring Wunjo to my heart  and crown me with Sol.

I honour you and give thanks for your gifts of sunshine, fertility and creativity in the year ahead.

Blessed be!


Happy Eponalia, my friends! It just so happens that today, 18 December is the day when the Celtic Pagans used to celebrate Epona, the horse goddess. Traditionally, this means a day of total rest from all labour (especially for horses!).

I'm obviously not sticking to that 100% since I'm on here blogging... but to be fair, I'm only doing it because I enjoy it so it doesn't feel like work.

As it happens, I had already planned a fast for Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I also intended for Wednesday to be a day of rest... before I found out about about Epona'a day of rest, thanks to Caitlín Matthew's wonderful blog post. Maybe that was my Celtic blood speaking to me. My maternal grandfather's family immigrated to Sweden from Belgium in the 1600's.

I will honour all my ancestors on this blog, by the way - not just my Norse and Sámi ancestors. We are all one family, as far as I am concerned, and I recognise all the Pagan Gods because the Divine speaks to us …

Reclaiming Yule

After my husband and I decided not to celebrate Christmas this year, I've had a bit of an empty feeling in the past week or so. Don't get me wrong, I have  no regrets about our decision in terms of leaving a consumerist paradigm behind and I certainly don't miss the usual frenzied shopping or Christmas card writing... but I do miss something.

The Three Ghosts of Christmas (in no particular order) I'm writing this in the hope of arriving at a conclusion and pinning down what that something might be. Could it be my religious past and celebrating the birth of Christ, a.k.a 'The reason for the season.' Nope. It is historically inaccurate to celebrate the birth of Yeshua around the time of the Winter Solstice anyway. This is a date that the church usurped to prevent the cult of the solar deity Mithras to get the upper hand. The main celebration of Mithras fell on the 25th, his supposed birthday.

Besides, we all know what the real reason for the season is now, right…

Crayfish and Talking to Dead People

Twice in the past few months have I spotted a crayfish on the path while out walking the dogs. This has literally never happened to me before. Heck, I hadn't even spotted them in the water.

The first time was a couple of weeks before I signed up for a Principles of End of Life Care with our local college. The second time was around the time I started attending a spiritualist psychic development group.

Coinicidence? Hardly!

Both of these new topics that have come to the fore in my life deal with the things that lurk in the depths of our psyches and that most people would rather not be in contact with - A bit like that crayfish in the image above... or in the Tarot Moon card for that matter!

In the Tarot, the crayfish symbolises hidden psychic powers.

I pulled a rune for what crayfish means to me personally and got Raidho, showing me that I'm on the right path... finally! I have always been pulled toward end of life matters and had a feeling that my connection with the Otherwor…

Connecting with the Vanir

Laguz Galdr Deep is calling unto deep My blood is received by the river A spirit sacrifice Blossoming from 'vantro' into true Vanatru From weakness to pulsating power A Witch's will

***vantro = disbelief or heresy in Swedish

The galdr above came to me when I was out walking the dogs after watching this video by Freyia Norling. I had pulled the Ing rune in response to if the Vanir would accept an offering from me at this point in time and I took that as a 'yes' since Ing is the rune of Fröj (Freyr), Lord of the Vanir.

I was still prepared to not go ahead with the offering if I wouldn't be able to find an appropriate fallen branch in the shape of Laguz.

Freyia's ritual really spoke to me. It made me long to connect with the Vanir myself, in preparation for a self-dedication that I will perform on my 50th birthday early next year.

However, I tend to adapt rituals and make them my own. I didn't have any honey and didn't feel it was needed. I brought the fing…